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There are many solutions in the market, but only one that delivers a central real-time view of your fleet and delivering value to all areas of your business; from the aircraft or business to the end customer. And that solution is FlyWatch

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The offering is specifically designed as a business tool for people with an aviation mind-set, and takes into consideration the unique requirements of aviation customers who want the business outcomes.

FlyWatch™ provides real-time automation solutions to seamlessly manage all flight documentation in your operations, from the cockpit directly to your back office. From flight folio entries to flight leg data, charges accrued or defects detected, the FlyWatch™ reporting engine provides your organisation with a paperless online document management interface that saves you time, money and in the process make you more effective and productive.

FlyWatch.Pilot™ for Windows is an EFB shell program. This interface is a solid, native, standardized pilot interface and library management platform that is the result of years of business and aviation industrial development.

FlyWatch.Pilot™ for Windows, is a total solution that turns any Windows-compatible, tablet PC or laptop into a native, easy-to-use, guideline-compliant EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) for use during all phases of flight. This also forms the spine of the reporting engine that provides your business and end-users with a real-time interface on the cloud today.

AFI-Cloud™ provides the on-line execution environment from which this entire solution operates. This secure and reliable environment ensures that this solution is accessible from any network (Public or Private) from anywhere in the world. We also supply other IT services from the same platform that complement the operational improvements that this solution brings.

We offer today

  • Aviation Fleet Management
  • Trend Monitoring
  • Real time Route Expenses
  • Fuel Data and Reporting
  • Crew Dashboard tracking Currency and Fatigue Management
  • Quality Assurance, SMS & Hazard Reporting
  • Electronic Notifications/ short message system (sms)/ Email
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning and Tracking
  • Finance
  • Weather
  • Aviation Insurance


FlyWatch has the capability of consolidating all aircraft related expenses and income with the compatibility to export data to the customer’s preferred accounting software. This unique feature makes it easy for the finance department to send out invoices, produce cost estimates and allocate expenses to specific cost centres. An aircraft owner can view the entire actual cost breakdown of a specific trip or leg in real-time. This means you will know what the expense for the trip is before you get to the hotel! One will also be able to monitor costs at different airfields and establish where fuel and other tertiary services are the cheapest. The personalised dashboard also summarises the monthly flying into a consolidated report.

The system is fully auditable, with customized reports and cost centre allocation overviews. This will revolutionize the way your aircraft operates and give an oversight to all parties involved.


At the heart of all aviation organizations are the aircraft themselves. These are often seen as being very difficult to manage. With FlyWatch the aircraft owner and operator have complete managerial oversight in real-time. Keep track of aircraft documentation and validity thereof from anywhere in the world. Our digital flight folio allows you to log all the required details of a flight such as flying times, cycles and defects, which can be generated into a customized report.

This data is carried over into a unique maintenance-tracking program within FlyWatch. All this can be done on your windows based tablet before you even leave the cockpit.

With an integrated GPS system some of the data entry can be automated and your aircraft’s location can be viewed in real-time. This will give an operator oversight of its whole fleet and will drastically improve flight following capabilities. This also enables the track planned vs. actual trips and creates exception reports and views on the dashboard.


Keep track of your crew roster and validity seamlessly. Hours are generated from our electronic flight folio and automatically populated into an electronic logbook in real-time. FlyWatch will monitor flight and duty periods, recency and alert the operator when flight times will be exceeded. This system is completely auditable and will make crew management and rostering a breeze. Upload crew documents and expiry dates to FlyWatch to make them accessible from all over the world. You can keep track of your crew validity at your base airport and schedule training whilst the crew is on contract.

Crew are able to sign in online, take a technical exam and receive a briefing from anywhere in the world. The alerts can be sent to individuals, operations teams and management.

Safety System

FlyWatch has an integrated Safety Management System. This takes the hassle out of hazard reporting and corrective actions. Make safety hazards available to your whole organization as well as to the CAA. Receive real-time updates on corrective actions and responsible personnel. This can be done on a mobile phone device or from the windows based tablet.

Aircraft Maintenance Tracking

The FlyWatch maintenance tracking solution is an offering that provides automate and computerized aircraft maintenance tracking with all data being exchanged electronically.

The FlyWatch Solution is a full service aviation maintenance management solution that continually monitors the entire range of aircraft maintenance and inspection requirements and brings them to the attention of the customer as they become due. FlyWatch maintenance tracking allows you to accurately track and predict the maintenance requirements of your aircraft.

FlyWatch Solution provides a dedicated analyst assigned to your aircraft to ensure that your aircraft data is as accurate and complete as possible. This is an aircraft specific solution that is tailored to each specific aircraft.

This program reflects the company’s commitment to provide all customers worldwide with the finest support services available.

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