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Business Expertise

With over 20 years of managerial, financial and procedural experience in the information technology and aviation industry, Africa Flight Group is the perfect partner for the aviation organisation. We know that – to be successful – aviation companies must operate at their peak in an increasingly complex industry. To address this, we have developed our Aviation Business Consulting (ABC) service, consulting with clients to identify possible weaknesses, design custom solutions and plan seamless implementation.

The challenge

To succeed in today’s environment, businesses need to lead through increased complexity and volatility, drive operational excellence and enable collaboration across enterprise functions. There is also constant pressure to develop higher-quality leadership and talent and to manage amidst constant change. However, traditional responses to business difficulties are no longer as effective as they once were. Companies need to find alternative solutions and use a flexible approach to growth and management. This is where ABC comes in.

The solution

ABC helps aviation companies to improve their performance by analysing existing organisational problems and developing strategies for improvement. Client organisations draw on these services to get objective advice and access specialised expertise from experienced consultants. Our ABC service can assist clients by:

  • Helping them to grow through a variety of aftermarket services
  • Managing complexities that arise as the business develops
  • Launching innovative systems that aid in management

An objective view

It’s easy for managers and executives to lose the ability to view their company objectively. Using our experience as a base measurement, we are able to enter organisations and give management impartial perspectives that will help them to identify shortcomings and weaknesses that may have been overlooked. As a business grows, it can diversify into areas that clients not have worked in before. Partnering with AFG removes some of the anxiety from this process. We are able to guide you and help you to navigate your organisation’s development.

Financial services

We offer financial management services that:

  • Implement predictive capabilities
  • Analyse and control risk
  • Streamline accounting
  • Improve reporting skills

We transform your financial aviation operations so that they become value integrators – executing efficient accounting activitives while providing solid strategies for growth.

Marketing capabilities

Because we’ve worked in the information technology and aviation industries – growing our own business and developing our own products – we have an profound knowledge of aviation marketing. We can help you to create brand ambassadors by capitalising on client interactions, using technology that is developed specifically for the industry.

Operational assistance

To optimise your operations, we analyse your company’s business model. Once we’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, we’ll provide you with workable solutions to make procedures – whatever they may be – more manageable.

ABC’s key processes

  • To achieve our objectives for your organisation, we strive at all times to:
  • Make sure that we understand your specific requirements
  • Develop a strategy that will help you to achieve your goals
  • Build an aviation-specific financial model for your unique needs
  • Implement a set of procedural steps to meet the strategy’s aims
  • Use independent auditing to measure the success of the strategy
  • Provide a real-time reporting service to ensure that your needs are met
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