CHARTER – Private Aircraft

Private Aircraft

Africa Flight Aviation offers private aircraft charters that are known for exclusivity, discretion and comfort. Chartering an AFA flight gives you access to speedy airport transfers, short boarding times, gourmet cuisine and top in-flight entertainment. We operate according to the same strict rules that all airlines are required to follow, since the aviation industry is so highly regulated. For this reason, we can vouch for every one of our pilots, staff members and aircraft and put all travellers at ease.

The benefits

Chartering a private flight means that you’ll:

  • Spend less time waiting before departures
  • Follow a schedule that revolves around you and your time requirements
  • Avoid time spent in main airport terminals by waiting in a private area
  • Enjoy expedited transit through passport control
  • Decide on the on-board catering and drinks you’d like to have available
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