Repossession – Aircraft Recovery

Aircraft Reclaim

Aircraft Recovery and Repossession is a specialised field that, due to its high costs, requires multiple resources and expert experience. It’s essential that the process is handled properly and legally. Africa Flight Aviation has the capacity, infrastructure and pilot skill to handle both planned plane recoveries and hostile plane repossessions. In the event of repossession, for example, Africa Flight will ensure that the process is completed professionally. In addition, when retrieving an aircraft, we’ll recover all major components, documentation and maintenance records to minimise loss of value.

We also employ mechanics to assess the airworthiness of a recovered or repossessed aircraft and we’ll transport our repossession experts to wherever they’re needed, obtain authorisation for removal and provide the relevant storage. The experienced engineers used by Africa Flight can determine whether an aircraft can be repaired, or whether it should instead be dismantled and used as salvage.


Once we have recovered a plane, Africa Flight Aviation will put together a re-marketing strategy aimed at reducing financial losses that may have occurred as a result.

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